Mobil 1™ x1 5W-30

Advanced Fully Synthetic Engine Oil


Mobil 1 x1 5W-30 Advanced Full Synthetic Motor Oil is designed to keep your engine running like new by providing exceptional wear protection, cleaning power and overall performance. Mobil 1 x1 5W-30 meets or exceeds the requirements of the industry's toughest standards and outperforms our conventional oils. Mobil 1 technology comes as standard equipment in many different vehicles, including select high-performance vehicles.

Features and Potential Benefits

Mobil 1 x1 5W-30 Advanced Full Synthetic Motor Oil is made with a proprietary blend of high performance synthetic basestocks fortified with a precisely balanced component system. The 5W-30 viscosity grade is a recommended viscosity grade for many new cars. Mobil 1 x1 5W-30 is uniquely designed to help provide unsurpassed levels of performance, cleaning power and engine protection, while meeting the demanding ILSAC GF-5 performance standards.

  • Excellent overall lubrication and wear protection performance for many driving styles
  • Delivers faster protection for reduced engine wear and deposits even in very extreme driving conditions
  • Provides hot temperature protection and helps extend the life of your turbocharger
  • Provides exceptional cleaning power for dirty engines
  • Outstanding cold starting lubrication and protection at low temperatures
  • Applications

    Mobil 1 ESP Formula 5W-30 is recommended for all types of modern automobile engines, especially the high-performance gasoline and diesel engines found in the latest passenger cars, SUVs and light vans.

    • Mobil 1 ESP Formula 5W-30 is especially suitable for extreme conditions, where conventional oil often may not perform

    • It is not recommended for 2-Cycle or aviation engines, unless specifically approved by the manufacturer.

    Specifications and Approvals

    This product has the following approvals:
    GM dexos1:GEN2 Licensed 

    This product is recommended for use in applications requiring:
    GM 6094M
    GM 4718M 

    This product meets or exceeds the requirements of:
    FORD WSS-M2C217-A1
    Ford WSS-M2C946-B1
    Ford WSS-M2C929-A
    ACEA A5/B5
    API SN
    Ford WSS-M2C946-A
    ILSAC GF-5

    Typical Properties

    Mobil 1 x1 5W-30  
    SAE Grade 5W-30
    Viscosity, cSt (ASTM D445)
    @ 40ºC 61.7
    @ 100ºC 11.0
    Viscosity Index 172
    Sulphated Ash, wt% (ASTM D874) 0.8
    HTHS Viscosity, mPa•s @ 150 ºC (ASTM D4683) 3.1
    Pour Point, ºC (ASTM D97) -42
    Flash Point, ºC (ASTM D92) 230
    Density @ 15.6 ºC, g/ml (ASTM D4052) 0.855

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