Why choose a synthetic oil?

Motor oils aren’t created equal. You might already know that synthetic oils outperform conventional oils, but you might not know the difference between synthetic blend oils and fully synthetic oils. If you don’t, then pull up a chair.

What is synthetic oil?

Synthetic oils are engineered to provide greater protection against engine wear and high temperatures two factors that can cause an oil to break down and be less effective. Lower viscosity synthetic oil also produces less resistance in an engine, so engines using synthetics will have more horsepower and greater fuel efficiency compared to those using a conventional oil.

Types of synthetic oil

There are two types of synthetic oil: semi synthetic oil and fully synthetic oil. Here’s the difference.

Semi synthetic oil is a mix of conventional motor oils and synthetic base stocks. Think of it as a cup of half decaf and half regular coffee. Because of the added synthetic base stock, you’re going to get more performance and protection than you will by using a conventional oil alone.

Fully synthetic oil contains no conventional oils. Instead, they use a synthetic base stock mixed with a variety of additives that boost the performance of the oil and offer excellent engine protection. This mix of high-performance fluids and additives help prevent wear, help keep engine parts clean, flow easily, maintain viscosity, prevent rust and reduce friction.

The result is a lubricant that remains liquid and slippery under a wide range of temperatures and engine conditions. Plus, because synthetic oils also are more durable, they last longer, so you don’t have to change your oil as often. 

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