Mobil 1™ – proven performance for turbochargers

Fuel economy and greenhouse gas regulations have changed the way engines are built. Due to a heightened focus on increasing mpg, smaller four-cylinder engines with complicated systems – hybrid, stop-start and turbo – are now replacing larger six- and eight-cylinder engines.

Turbocharged engines have emerged as the answer to vehicle manufacturers’ needs to deliver fuel efficiency without sacrificing power. And Mobil 1 oils are setting the standard for turbocharged engine performance and protection.

Formulated for the extremes of turbocharged engines

Although turbochargers have several advantages, those advantages come with challenges – higher temperatures, higher rpm and greater compression.

While engine crankshafts average about 3,000 rpm at motorway speeds, the turbocharger shaft can reach speeds up to 200,000 rpm. Additionally, the oil in a turbocharger can exceed temperatures of 200⁰C, which is about twice the average heat of non-turbocharged engines. Such high temperatures can cause some motor oils to decompose, resulting in more engine deposits and diminished performance.

Mobil 1 oils resist breakdown by delivering outstanding oxidation stability and thermal protection down to -40⁰C and up to 260⁰C. When used in turbocharged applications, Mobil 1 oils offer exceptional:

• Protection of thrust bearing
• Varnish control on shaft bushing
• Deposit and build-up control on the compressor, compressor seal plate and turbo housing

An industry leader in proven turbo performance

More than 70 of the top performance vehicles, many of which feature turbos, roll off factory lines with Mobil 1 oil inside. From Mercedes-AMG to Porsche, vehicle manufacturers trust Mobil 1™ oil as the factory fill and recommended service fill to help protect their modern turbocharged engines.

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