Mobil 1™ Engine Guarantee Terms & Conditions

Limited engine warranty for Mobil 1™ product in the United Kingdom

What the limited warranty covers

ExxonMobil Petroleum & Chemical BVBA (“ExxonMobil”) provides this limited warranty to participating dealerships’ customers who use Mobil 1 lubricants in their vehicles. This limited warranty covers the lubricant and critical engine parts lubricated by the lubricant. ExxonMobil warrants its lubricants to be free from defects and that the lubricant will protect an engine from failure. This excludes parts not exposed to lubricants, known defects, structural failure related to the engine or resulting effects.

This limited warranty is subject to the following qualifying conditions and terms set out in this document:

  1. The vehicle must have been serviced in accordance with the vehicle manufacturer’s stipulated service schedule and must still be within the manufacturer’s warranty period, or be at the first service post manufacturer warranty period at the commencement of this limited warranty;
  2. The vehicle must be serviced with the appropriate grade of Mobil 1 as part of a full service as set out by the manufacturer’s stipulated service schedule from the commencement of this limited warranty;
  3. The commencement date of this limited warranty shall be the date of written communication by the participating dealership to the consumer, and shall continue from the commencement date as long as the vehicle is serviced in accordance with the vehicle manufacturer’s stipulated service schedule, up to a maximum of five (5) years or 160,000 km whichever is the sooner;
  4. This limited warranty is not transferable.

What the limited warranty does not cover

This limited warranty excludes:
  1. Mobil 1™-branded lubricants used in mechanically deficient equipment as a result of abnormal operation; negligence; abusive use; damage from casualty, shipment or accident; or, equipment modification done without written authorization from the original equipment manufacturer (OEM).
  2. Situations where the OEM required lubricant standards do not match those stated by ExxonMobil without written approval from ExxonMobil.
  3. Mobil 1 lubricants that have been used in conjunction with any other product or additive that has not been authorized for use by ExxonMobil.
  4. Mobil 1 lubricants that have not been selected and maintained in accordance with specifications of the OEM or the written instructions (which includes product packaging) of ExxonMobil.
  5. Engine damage due to a pre-existing condition that is unrelated to the use of Mobil 1 lubricants.
  6. Repair or replacement of equipment due to normal wear.
  7. Any liability for transportation costs to and from the dealership or garage for inspection of the equipment, towing charges, transportation fares, car rentals, loss of use, loss of earnings, loss of goodwill, loss of profit, depreciation of vehicle, cost of repairing or replacing other property which was damaged or any incidental or consequential costs or damage.

What ExxonMobil will do to correct problems

ExxonMobil will replace any lubricant that is defective. In addition, if there is engine damage due to the Mobil 1 lubricant you purchased, subject to the aforementioned conditions and terms, ExxonMobil will cover the cost of any parts and labour incurred to repair any engine damage directly caused by a defect or malfunction of the lubricant.

What you should do in the event of a claim

Your claim must be made, within 30 days of discovering the damage and no later than six (6) months from the date the damage occurred. In the first instance, contact the dealership that communicated this limited warranty to you. The dealership should then undertake an inspection of your vehicle engine to assess the cause and extent of any damage. In the event that the dealership concludes that the lubricant was the cause of the engine damage, the dealership should file a claim with ExxonMobil. ExxonMobil reserves the right to conduct its own inspection, including through a third party, to confirm the dealership’s findings, including through taking its own lubricant samples from the engine and obtaining the vehicle’s service history.

Should the dealership that communicated this limited warranty to you cease to purchase ExxonMobil lubricants then you may continue to enjoy its benefits through another participating dealership, providing all qualification conditions are met.

What law applies to this limited warranty

This limited warranty is governed by English law.

This limited warranty does not affect and does not prevent you from enforcing any statutory rights that you may have under consumer protection law (or any other applicable legislation) against the participating dealership or ExxonMobil.