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McLaren Mercedes Mobil 1

Mclaren Mercedes

Ultimate Proving Ground

Motorsport provides an array of conditions in which to test Mobil 1™ lubricants. Grand Prix racing is the ultimate proving ground for Mobil 1 technology because the lubricant has to work so hard on maximising performance. Such a variety of testing conditions enables ExxonMobil to offer performance and protection for almost any driving condition, something that benefits all motorists through the supply of products which help reduce engine wear and improve fuel economy and performance.

Unregulated Tuning Aid

ExxonMobil is looking forward to an 20th season as Technology Partner to the McLaren Mercedes Formula 1 Team, in a racing series where engine lubrication has become one of the unregulated tuning aids available to teams.

In 2014, Mobil 1 lubricants are used in the Mercedes-Benz engine of the McLaren Mercedes MP4-29, driven by FIA Formula 1 World Champion Jenson Button.

Race-winning Power

Mobil 1 technology, used in the 2014 McLaren Mercedes MP4-29, is tailored to ensure optimum engine performance for each race of the Championship's 19-rounds. Over the course of a season many different blends of Mobil 1 will be tested, each one designed to maximize engine power.

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